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Solution for Online MSDS Management


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A Member of the Family of Websites is the simple and extremely low cost solution for online MSDS management.  No MSDS software to purchase
and install.  No data entry.  No update work for MSDS revision changes.  No training due to the intuitive user interface provided
exclusively by
Users log in and choose to search their facility electronic folder or the entire database.
Entering a search term in a single search field produces a list of all Material Safety Data Sheets that contain that
search term in the product number, product name, or manufacturer name.  Users are able to add an MSDS to their
electronic folder with one click.
If an MSDS you need is not available in the database, an email link on the search page allows you to let us
know.  We locate the MSDS and notify you when we have added it to our database and your electronic folder.  Read-only and
full-access logins are provided, multiple facilities can be supported, and CAS number data is available for Tier II and Form R
reporting.  That's it... no unnecessary complexity, no confusing options, and no high-cost pricing structures.
Who should use the family of websites?
The family of websites serve professionals working in safety compliance, environmental compliance,
procurement, manufacturing, construction, medical care, dental care, and hospitality.
Medical Offices and Hospitals Dental Offices Hotels, Restaurants, and Institutions, the site you are visiting now, provides manufacturing and construction companies with the ability to obtain
Material Safety Data Sheets for millions of products across all types of product commodities.  CAS number data is provided for
environmental reporting, including percentage by weight data for each CAS number contained in the product.  CAS percentage by
weight data can be filtered and exported to a spreadsheet for Tier II and Form R environmental reporting.
Our three dedicated sites, for medical offices and hospitals, for dental
offices, and for hotels and restaurants, allow users to work with only those Material Safety Data Sheets
applicable to their industry.  Medical, Dental, and HRI management professionals can avoid searching through numerous documents
unrelated to the products used in their facilities.  They also benefit from lower costs due to lower MSDS volume and the lack of need
for CAS data.
How do the family of websites help safety professionals?
More than helping you to meet regulatory requirements, quick and complete access to MSDS information helps you

assure that your personnel are aware of the chemical hazards associated with the products they handle and that
appropriate protective measures have been taken.  Buyers have the ability to quickly verify with a single search field
that an MSDS for a product they are purchasing is in your electronic file.  They can immediately notify you if the
MSDS needs to be added, or with a full-access login, they can search the database and add the MSDS to
your electronic file with a single click.  If an MSDS is needed that is not in our database, we can be notified through an email link
that is located directly on the search page.  We obtain the MSDS, add it to our database, and add it to your electronic file.  We
regularly verify that we have the latest MSDS revisions available from manufacturers.  With MSDS management under complete
control through, you are able to focus your time other safety responsibilities.
How does help environmental professionals?

Your online MSDS listing contains all CAS numbers (when available) for each product in the listing, including percentage by weight

data.  This listing can be copied into a spreadsheet in order to perform rapid chemical inventory analysis for EPA reporting, including
Tier II reports (Tier 2 reports) and Form R reports.  When completing a Tier II report, Form R report, or other EPA report requiring
CAS data, simply append the reportable list of CAS numbers to your chemical inventory spreadsheet listing, sort the list by CAS
number, and reduce your list to only those reportable chemicals in your inventory.  These few simple steps produce a spreadsheet
that tells you what products are in your facility in reportable quantities.  Searchable CAS number data also increases your ability to
have critical knowledge of products in your facility that may have environmental impact.
Should we use and keep our binders?
The challenge you experience with keeping MSDS binders up-to-date is not the time it takes to insert a new or
updated MSDS into a binder.  The challenge comes from MSDS searches, MSDS updates, a lack of notification
when new chemicals are purchased, and MSDS documents floating into your facility by mail, in shipping cartons, and
across fax machines.  The challenge comes from the combination of a lack of control and a lack of time... and the family of websites fully address both of these challenges.  We encourage our customers to
continue to maintain their hardcopy binders due to the risk of power outages, computer problems, and network issues
that can lead to a lack of electronic access.  These risks exist whether your are using an internet-based service such as or a software product on your local computer or local area network.  There are also challenges with providing
computer access to production workers 24/7.  That is why we have designed to make binder maintenance
nearly effortless.  With an accurate, continuously updated electronic MSDS listing and electronic copies of all of your MSDS
documents, you are able to print your listings and your MSDS documents from a single source with no data entry and no electronic
document maintenance.

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